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Dvd’s and Books Christmas Wishlist

So, since its been a while since I last updated again, literally I’ve gone from talking about Autumn and now BAMB Christmas  still I thought I’d start a little collection of my Christmas Wishlists, starting with books and films if you couldn’t guess. Since The Amazing SpiderMan came out today!Dvd's and books wishlist
First off, Chuck Palahniuks’ ‘Damned’, being a huge fight club fan I picked this up when wandering round a bookstore by where I work, I read up to chapter five, and I’m hooked! Its a sort of satire of Judy Bloom’s, Are You There God its me Margret (or a title to that effect its been some years since Judy Bloom for me), with a bit of breakfast club thrown in. Its got Chucks (I’m calling him this because his surname is too difficult to repeatedly write) typical style that makes you feel ashamed of yourself for essentially just being normal, I haven’t watched a single Jeremy Kyle episode since beginning it. The protagonist is Madison  a 13 year old daughter of a celebrity couple who winds up in hell. So far the most emotive imagery has been her asking Satan to help her give up hope, a paradoxical and truly heartbreaking concept.
‘Grimm Tales’, Phillip Pullman. So I’ve not read any of this one, but being a bit of a fairy tale nerd, and lover of ‘His Dark Materials’ when I was younger I’m really intrigued by his reworkings of the Grimm tales.
Miranda Hart, ‘ Is it just me’ I’m going to assume this needs no introduction, but if it does well, this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTf17cmPl0I
Snow White and the Huntsman, Okay so I didn’t go to see this with the highest of hopes, but I ended up loving the film. As I’ve just said I do like my fairy tales, and this was a real treat. I really loved Kristen Stewart’s performance, its reminded me a little of Jodie Foster, that sort of in strength wrapped in vulnerability  that she often presents made for quite a powerful moment when she does don the Armour. Other noteworthy moments, the entire existence of Chris Hemsworth, and Bob Hoskins just felt magical whenever he was on camera.
Skyfall, if anyone has written this off based on the dire show that was Quantum of Solace don’t. To me this was Bond, back to his best, with touching homages to the older movies but yet still feeling fresh. It was a little reminiscent of Die Hard 4.0, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with its old fashioned guy trapped in the modern age/ ‘I’m getting too old for this’  theme but still felt exciting, if a little cliched now. However I felt really disappointed with M, I felt as though the head of MI5 would have been at least able to shoot a bloody gun still.
The Amazing SpiderMan. I never really took to the Toby Maguire trilogy, to me, it just wasn’t the SpiderMan that I knew and loved from the comic books. Andrew Garfield is brilliant though, if you watched the SpiderMan cartoon in the early to mid 90’s his is that guy. I loved how this time Parker was a gutsy kid who fought for what he believed in BEFORE he changed, and was witty and funny – unlike the annoying timid Maguire version who needed superpowers before he would stand up for himself. Also Rhys Ifans is perfect as the lizard! A really great superhero movie, I think the Marvel franchise has finally got the right blend of comedy/effects/ heart/ action now.
Also, Mum should you see any of these, please don’t think of them as some kind of lavish letter to santa.
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