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Dvd’s and Books Christmas Wishlist

So, since its been a while since I last updated again, literally I’ve gone from talking about Autumn and now BAMB Christmas  still I thought I’d start a little collection of my Christmas Wishlists, starting with books and films if you couldn’t guess. Since The Amazing SpiderMan came out today!Dvd's and books wishlist
First off, Chuck Palahniuks’ ‘Damned’, being a huge fight club fan I picked this up when wandering round a bookstore by where I work, I read up to chapter five, and I’m hooked! Its a sort of satire of Judy Bloom’s, Are You There God its me Margret (or a title to that effect its been some years since Judy Bloom for me), with a bit of breakfast club thrown in. Its got Chucks (I’m calling him this because his surname is too difficult to repeatedly write) typical style that makes you feel ashamed of yourself for essentially just being normal, I haven’t watched a single Jeremy Kyle episode since beginning it. The protagonist is Madison  a 13 year old daughter of a celebrity couple who winds up in hell. So far the most emotive imagery has been her asking Satan to help her give up hope, a paradoxical and truly heartbreaking concept.
‘Grimm Tales’, Phillip Pullman. So I’ve not read any of this one, but being a bit of a fairy tale nerd, and lover of ‘His Dark Materials’ when I was younger I’m really intrigued by his reworkings of the Grimm tales.
Miranda Hart, ‘ Is it just me’ I’m going to assume this needs no introduction, but if it does well, this…
Snow White and the Huntsman, Okay so I didn’t go to see this with the highest of hopes, but I ended up loving the film. As I’ve just said I do like my fairy tales, and this was a real treat. I really loved Kristen Stewart’s performance, its reminded me a little of Jodie Foster, that sort of in strength wrapped in vulnerability  that she often presents made for quite a powerful moment when she does don the Armour. Other noteworthy moments, the entire existence of Chris Hemsworth, and Bob Hoskins just felt magical whenever he was on camera.
Skyfall, if anyone has written this off based on the dire show that was Quantum of Solace don’t. To me this was Bond, back to his best, with touching homages to the older movies but yet still feeling fresh. It was a little reminiscent of Die Hard 4.0, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with its old fashioned guy trapped in the modern age/ ‘I’m getting too old for this’  theme but still felt exciting, if a little cliched now. However I felt really disappointed with M, I felt as though the head of MI5 would have been at least able to shoot a bloody gun still.
The Amazing SpiderMan. I never really took to the Toby Maguire trilogy, to me, it just wasn’t the SpiderMan that I knew and loved from the comic books. Andrew Garfield is brilliant though, if you watched the SpiderMan cartoon in the early to mid 90’s his is that guy. I loved how this time Parker was a gutsy kid who fought for what he believed in BEFORE he changed, and was witty and funny – unlike the annoying timid Maguire version who needed superpowers before he would stand up for himself. Also Rhys Ifans is perfect as the lizard! A really great superhero movie, I think the Marvel franchise has finally got the right blend of comedy/effects/ heart/ action now.
Also, Mum should you see any of these, please don’t think of them as some kind of lavish letter to santa.
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Well I’ve been very bad at this lately, but I shan’t dwell… On with the show as it very much where.

So its Autumn now very exciting. I can’t stand hot weather (it’s no fun dressing in just a dress), and blatantly Autumn means Christmas is coming and so it my Birthday! So I just wanted to share with you guys (or my Mum who I believe might also have given up reading this too) some of my favorite Autumn bits.

1. I’ve been getting majorly into candles lately clearly becoming a Grandma before my time, but I ended up spending a fortune on this Yankee Candle in Red Velvet Cake – I’ve never actually eaten a Red velvet cake but I do love how it smells. It’s definately one of those rich vanillary foody  scents if you like the cupcake ones this will probably be a good- un for you.


2. Fragrance Layering – I’ve been doing this ALOT lately and its something I’ve been loving. My favorites have been the Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body spray a steal at £2.99, with Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir over the top. I love doing this but it only feels appropriate doing it in the colder months when everything feels sort of heavy and layered anyway. Do I even make sense right now?


3. Dark Lips – Well I’ll be the first to admit I don’t shake up my make up very often – if I’m honest I like putting my make up on a the start of the day but once I’m out I don’t want to be messing around with it! and usually I always feel really overdone with lots of make up anyway this never feels the case though with dark lips. I love this combination below

Illamasqua Growl Lipstick, MAC Stone Lip Liner, and Illmasqua sheer Lip gloss in Tantrum. (Also please ignore my gammy lips – never knew they were wonky till this picture and my dodgy skin I’m actually in my PJ’s right now and couldn’t be bothered to put any foundation on to take a picture)

4. Nails – Like most people I always lean towards dark colours for Autumn – this year has been no change. However I have found a slightly more surprising love with the light-ish Lilac shade from Essie called To Buy or Not to Buy (I think it was a part of their spring collection) as I said its a lilac shade with a slight blue iridescenct and it’s absolutely lovely!

Other Favorites being (from Left to Right) Leighton Denny Rampant Rose, Leighton Denny Picture Perfect, Essie To Buy or Not To Buy, and OPI A French Quarter For Your Thoughts.











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Details 2.

Hey, thought I’d include an outfit I wore a little while ago, nothing special like just what I wore to the pub, looking out the window right now I can’t believe it was ever warm or sunny enough to wear something like this. Genuinely gratefully for living on a big hill, since at  bottom it is completely flooded!

Ripped Jeans, Aztec

SO, sorry again its not a full body shot, I really need to find a friend so I have someone to take photos for me. The jeans are new they are highwaisted ripped boyfriend Jeans from ASOS and have become quite the summer staple especially since the weather is so unpredictable, the top is a slightly loose fit Aztec print scallop top from Internationale  a store I loved when I was about 10 and am starting to rediscover since its cheaper than Primark and the clothes are nicer! Finally my VERY old converse, I’ve had them since I was about 13 because that was the last time I grew.

Also showing my first attempt at water marbling I think it looks ok actually was rather proud of myself !


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H&M gown

H M gown
Just wanted to give a mention to this beautiful H&M its so amazing, and is so not what you would expect from H&M (they actually have loads of amazing full length dresses there every season but this one is something else) I’m fighting all my instincts to buy it because I know I’m not going anywhere amazing enough to wear it!
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Prom Jumpsuits

Prom Jumpsuits

ASOS sleeveless jumpsuit
$80 –

Miss Sixty Jumpsuit With Belt
$209 –
Just another Idea for prom/formal occasions if you hate wearing dresses try a jumpsuit which gives you all the glamour of a dress but without the skirt!!!
Also the sequined jumpsuit in the middle is by Free People I’m not sure why the link isn’t included
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The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress
A few More Prom ideas… this time for those who can’t resist Black
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Prom Rundown: Sequined Prom dresses


Topshop prom evening dress
$250 –

£160 –

TFNC strapless cocktail dress
$118 –

Carey Mulligans’ Oscar Dress
£60 –
Just some Ideas for prom/any other occasion dresses.. for those that like sequins
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The Prom Rundown: Day 2: My Prom experience

Whilst I’m still collating dresses I thought I would continue my avoidance of revision by writing about my Prom experience. This is a slightly touchy subject for me and I’m pretty sure I’m going to come across as spoilt, selfish materialistic and whatever else but I can assure you that in my day-to-day life I’m not usually that bad. I’ve not told anyone this story in full, so you never know it might be a bit cathartic.

I’ve got to admit that when prom time came around I was pretty excited, I was receiving the ‘best dressed’ award, and had never had a chance to get all dressed up before, also I’d had a pretty lousy 18/16/13 etc and figured I may as well get one of the classic teen experiences down.

I had decided to saving prom dressing for when I was with my Mum, she’s pretty fashionable and loves shopping, even now its my cousins 21st and she’s helping her pick a dress. However, it was a decision I immediately regretted, the whole time she never seemed interested coming shopping with me, even looking at dresses online was all too much effort for her. I was heartbroken especially after seeing all my friends mothers and their excitement. I asked how much I had to spend for a dress, accessories, travel, the night itself from my parents (the price of the ticket itself  had cost me 2 weeks of ema), I was pretty sure I’d get about £300 since every year my Dad bought my Mum a Vivienne Westwood dress for the B&Q xmas party, and this was just one day for me. My Dad said £100, which was perfectly fine, it was more the fact that it wasn’t the same as what my Mum got that really upset me.

Prom dress shopping itself was a horrific experience made all the worse when we got an invite to a wedding, finding my mum a dress to wear seemed to be of equal importance and we seemed to spend more time looking for hers than my prom dress. Again I just felt really hurt, eventually I ordered a dress online to see, I hated it from the off, I was so unflattering on me it hung just below a fold of belly fat and was so low-cut pretty much my whole cleavage was one show, I’m sure my Mum must have seen it too but she insisted it looked good and I was just happy to see it was over.

The day of Prom I managed to get the day off to get ready, my ‘mum’ helped with my hair to this day I don’t know my but she insisted that I twist my hair and pin it so that the curls stayed while I was getting ready, on curly hair this equals one thing massive uncontrollable frizz, I had to flat Iron my hair to attempt to fix it – even then it did not look good.

Things got worse. I was planning on going to my friend’s house and going to prom together. My Mum was going to drive me there suddenly after all that hassle – which had made me late my Mum decided she couldn’t drive me. I had to get a taxi there, normally this wouldn’t bother me to  much but I only had £20 to get me through prom night and any drinks after and taxi home – which wasn’t really enough to begin with. I cried all the way there in the taxi and I forgot my make up to fix it with I got to my friend’s house late, making everyone was late to prom – not a big deal. But then I entered the room, I hadn’t really had a chance to look at all my friends dresses in all the drama but when I entered the room and looked around at all the beautiful silks, jewels, hair and makeup everyone looked stunning. Suddenly the dress felt cheap between my fingers, I looked awful I felt a lump in my throat I wanted to cry the whole night, not only because of how I looked, but I saw everyone’s parents at my friend’s house, dropping of their children (you can’t get a bus in a prom dress) taking pictures of all of us, so happy for their kids, and my Mum didn’t seem to care at all not till the minute she could see what she had done on my head and even then left me stranded without a lift. I walked up on the stage to get my award with my head down, I bought one drink all night – when all I wanted to do was get drunk and screw it all. The whole night was horrific.

Sorry, I couldn’t bring my self to proof read ALL that, but if you can be arsed to read it hopefully it will explain a little why yesterdays list was the way it was, my prom became a horrific memory – don’t let yours!!


My Skincare

I have no idea really why I’m writing this post in all honsety I just thought I should write something haha!

OK, so, first off a little about my skin type – I have rather oily skin, not excessively though I’m not quite an oil slick- this is partly because I manage it well because my skin makes enough moisture and never feels tight I hardly ever moisturize it.

I do suffer from mild acne during my hormonal period, and as I’m sure many other people suffer with when I do get a pimple I have the scar there for months if not years later. In my few few years on earth I have also been through ALOT of products, and done a lot of research.

So in summary my skincare issues are refining pores, spot and scar reduction.

without further ado…

My morning skincare is the product that I vary the most at the moment its the St Ives blemish control scrub, mixed with the Good Things stay Clear purifying cleanser – adjust the ratio depending on my skin that day. However I find that if I use a product for too long its effects seem to stop and my spots return so I change it up quite frequently in the past I’ve used Simple, Johnson’s, Origins etc.





The Liz Earle cleanse and Polish is pretty much my holy grail product – I’ve been using it for about 8 years now. I double cleanse with it every night to remove my makeup/get the London of my skin. Unless its 5 in the morning and I’ve been out all night in which case – a face wipe will do.

I find it keeps my skin in really good condition overall – but I do need something a bit stronger to keep blemishes at bay.






Origins Brighter By Nature

I’ve only recently started using this product – with the hope

it will improve my scarring… so fingers crossed.




As stated earlier I don’t use any regular moisturizer so occasionally when my skin needs it I use the Liz Earle Intensive Treatment Mask … normally about once a month. I also use the Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask for nights out/ special occasions or mixed in with my cream cleanser when I’m not wearing any foundation  etc to give my skin that extra glow.

So thats it … everything I use