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So you’ve got Big Boobs.

I remember in primary school my Mum taking me to get my first bra, I was 11… and wore a C cup. By the time I was in year 9 I was a DD, and I left school two years ago I was an F cup (ish). So I’ve pretty much spend my whole life with big boobs, and I’ve gone through the motions, from embarrassed girl trying to hide them, to realising that I could be the only year 9 girl getting the attention of the sixth form boys, and thus getting them out at every occasion, to now totally acceptance that no matter what happens in my life I can always say I have an epic rack. No one in my family has my assets shall we say, so as far as dressing goes I’ve had to learn a few things on my own and whenever I watch those ‘how to look good naked’, ‘what not to wear’ makeover shows I just get really angry at the same dated crap that gets spouted at these poor women, especially the younger girls on those shows. So I wanted to give my own advice first hand advice on dressing when you’ve got big boobs.

Fashion Mavericks

1. Its only clothes people! Fashion is fun, remember that some people loose all perspective on clothes when they’re shopping. Its only window dressing people it whats underneath that matters so have fun, express yourself and stop worrying about the rules  and just wear what you like… the people who we call fashion icons are not the ones in nice pair of jeans or the ‘nipped in waist’ its the people who enjoy their clothes.

2. Get a bra that fits. This means no back fat, no four boobs, no strap marks… etc, the general rule is the bra should fit snugly, the center panel should be up against your torso and you should only be able to fit one finger between the clasp of your bra and your back. Also aim for the bra to fit properly on the loosest catch bras often slacken up with time so it helps if you  can adjust them. For cheaper bras I personally think Primark are really good!

3. Blouses are not your Friend! Most tend to either gap across your chest or hang like a tent. Generally the simpler the top the better it will look.  If for whatever reason you do need a shirt I recommend there clothes sizes work by looking at your size disregarding your boobs, and then a separate size taking them into account for instance you might be a size 8 – really curvy. That being said I do have a few that are tight across my chest that I save for underneath jumpers, and if you read my last post you’d see that every now and again you might just find that shirt that fits. In my experience it tends to be the more casual styles that fit better.

4. Ditch the waist belt – now this might just be a personal thing that if I have to watch Gok Wan ‘cinch in’ another waist I’ll scream, but seriously this is the trend that won’t die. You don’t always have to ‘show off your curves’ chances are if you’ve got them people will already have noticed them have a look at Marilyn Monroe’s pictures, I see a waist but very rarely do I see a belt.

5. That being said try to avoid the tents, shifts, babydoll dresses/tops essentially anything that drapes from your boobs is never really going to be an amazing look, as its going to take its shape from the largest part of your body. However once again there are always exceptions to the rule if you see a dress you love in one of those shapes – try it on whats the worst that can happen!

6. Don’t try to cover them up. This isn’t making it fair game to dress like a slag, but you have big boobs, people will always be able to tell, trust me I was in a Church of England school uniform: tie, jumper the works and people could STILL tell I had big boobs. Your boobs are big, wearing a turtle neck won’t change that I will just make you look frumpy and big boobed so accept that and move on. However you might want to steer clear of the VERY low-cut, it takes a lot less of plunge in the neckline for us to look like slags than it does a flatter chested girl.

7. Sometimes its better to have a bit of bra showing than saggy boobs, or a poorly  fitted one. If you can’t find a strapless, low back bra whatever that fits you right just wear one with nice straps. Carrie Bradshaw practically made a career out of it!

I think this is the most important thing of all, just have fun with your clothes, ignore all the stupid rules out there, as I said in number one there only clothes. There is more to fashion than making your waist look as small as physically possible, if you have big hips so what whack on a bandage dress and ROCK them, Big boobs were them, you only live once! Be proud of what you’ve got. I think the problem with all these makeover shows is that they put us all into this uniform claiming that a ‘funky top’ shows off personal style. You like masculine clothes great – so does Erin O’Connor, You like dressing grungy – so does the Olsen twins. You have no ‘curves’ – am pretty sure that’s why twiggy was famous, and if you want to dress prim and proper then more power to you!

Ultimately what I’m saying is – if your stuck here is some tips that I have learned but the most important one has being to not give a fuck about my boobs, and just wear what ever the hell I like. Because fitting in is for wimps.

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My Uniform

On those rainy mornings with 9 am lectures and a hangover, I always reach for my uniform. I very rarely stray from black in my outfits, especially if I’m looking for something easy to wear. I much prefer to change the textures in my outfits to keep it interesting. The comfy grey jumper cosy enough to curl up in class with, the hat to hide my mess of hair, and shoes comfortable enough to trek halfway across London in (who can afford to pay for the tube!). Slap on some eyeliner, and my Parker;  I’m ready to go.

So there it is, so about the poor quality pictures


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