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Well I’ve been very bad at this lately, but I shan’t dwell… On with the show as it very much where.

So its Autumn now very exciting. I can’t stand hot weather (it’s no fun dressing in just a dress), and blatantly Autumn means Christmas is coming and so it my Birthday! So I just wanted to share with you guys (or my Mum who I believe might also have given up reading this too) some of my favorite Autumn bits.

1. I’ve been getting majorly into candles lately clearly becoming a Grandma before my time, but I ended up spending a fortune on this Yankee Candle in Red Velvet Cake – I’ve never actually eaten a Red velvet cake but I do love how it smells. It’s definately one of those rich vanillary foody  scents if you like the cupcake ones this will probably be a good- un for you.


2. Fragrance Layering – I’ve been doing this ALOT lately and its something I’ve been loving. My favorites have been the Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body spray a steal at £2.99, with Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir over the top. I love doing this but it only feels appropriate doing it in the colder months when everything feels sort of heavy and layered anyway. Do I even make sense right now?


3. Dark Lips – Well I’ll be the first to admit I don’t shake up my make up very often – if I’m honest I like putting my make up on a the start of the day but once I’m out I don’t want to be messing around with it! and usually I always feel really overdone with lots of make up anyway this never feels the case though with dark lips. I love this combination below

Illamasqua Growl Lipstick, MAC Stone Lip Liner, and Illmasqua sheer Lip gloss in Tantrum. (Also please ignore my gammy lips – never knew they were wonky till this picture and my dodgy skin I’m actually in my PJ’s right now and couldn’t be bothered to put any foundation on to take a picture)

4. Nails – Like most people I always lean towards dark colours for Autumn – this year has been no change. However I have found a slightly more surprising love with the light-ish Lilac shade from Essie called To Buy or Not to Buy (I think it was a part of their spring collection) as I said its a lilac shade with a slight blue iridescenct and it’s absolutely lovely!

Other Favorites being (from Left to Right) Leighton Denny Rampant Rose, Leighton Denny Picture Perfect, Essie To Buy or Not To Buy, and OPI A French Quarter For Your Thoughts.











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