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Details 2.

Hey, thought I’d include an outfit I wore a little while ago, nothing special like just what I wore to the pub, looking out the window right now I can’t believe it was ever warm or sunny enough to wear something like this. Genuinely gratefully for living on a big hill, since at  bottom it is completely flooded!

Ripped Jeans, Aztec

SO, sorry again its not a full body shot, I really need to find a friend so I have someone to take photos for me. The jeans are new they are highwaisted ripped boyfriend Jeans from ASOS and have become quite the summer staple especially since the weather is so unpredictable, the top is a slightly loose fit Aztec print scallop top from Internationale  a store I loved when I was about 10 and am starting to rediscover since its cheaper than Primark and the clothes are nicer! Finally my VERY old converse, I’ve had them since I was about 13 because that was the last time I grew.

Also showing my first attempt at water marbling I think it looks ok actually was rather proud of myself !


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