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ASOS | ASOS SALON Neon Mesh Maxi Dress at ASOS

ASOS | ASOS SALON Neon Mesh Maxi Dress at ASOS


Inspiration 2


I couldn’t sleep, so I made this, and thought why not post it. Its pretty much all what I find inspiring right now, the glamour and free spirt of the sixites, with a slightly grungy nighties feel, as well as the classic fashion mavericks like Blow, whom I’ll always love. There’s some other stuff thrown in there too like.

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H&M gown

H M gown
Just wanted to give a mention to this beautiful H&M its so amazing, and is so not what you would expect from H&M (they actually have loads of amazing full length dresses there every season but this one is something else) I’m fighting all my instincts to buy it because I know I’m not going anywhere amazing enough to wear it!
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Prom Jumpsuits

Prom Jumpsuits

ASOS sleeveless jumpsuit
$80 –

Miss Sixty Jumpsuit With Belt
$209 –
Just another Idea for prom/formal occasions if you hate wearing dresses try a jumpsuit which gives you all the glamour of a dress but without the skirt!!!
Also the sequined jumpsuit in the middle is by Free People I’m not sure why the link isn’t included
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The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress
A few More Prom ideas… this time for those who can’t resist Black
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Prom Rundown: Sequined Prom dresses


Topshop prom evening dress
$250 –

£160 –

TFNC strapless cocktail dress
$118 –

Carey Mulligans’ Oscar Dress
£60 –
Just some Ideas for prom/any other occasion dresses.. for those that like sequins
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The Prom Rundown: Day 2: My Prom experience

Whilst I’m still collating dresses I thought I would continue my avoidance of revision by writing about my Prom experience. This is a slightly touchy subject for me and I’m pretty sure I’m going to come across as spoilt, selfish materialistic and whatever else but I can assure you that in my day-to-day life I’m not usually that bad. I’ve not told anyone this story in full, so you never know it might be a bit cathartic.

I’ve got to admit that when prom time came around I was pretty excited, I was receiving the ‘best dressed’ award, and had never had a chance to get all dressed up before, also I’d had a pretty lousy 18/16/13 etc and figured I may as well get one of the classic teen experiences down.

I had decided to saving prom dressing for when I was with my Mum, she’s pretty fashionable and loves shopping, even now its my cousins 21st and she’s helping her pick a dress. However, it was a decision I immediately regretted, the whole time she never seemed interested coming shopping with me, even looking at dresses online was all too much effort for her. I was heartbroken especially after seeing all my friends mothers and their excitement. I asked how much I had to spend for a dress, accessories, travel, the night itself from my parents (the price of the ticket itself  had cost me 2 weeks of ema), I was pretty sure I’d get about £300 since every year my Dad bought my Mum a Vivienne Westwood dress for the B&Q xmas party, and this was just one day for me. My Dad said £100, which was perfectly fine, it was more the fact that it wasn’t the same as what my Mum got that really upset me.

Prom dress shopping itself was a horrific experience made all the worse when we got an invite to a wedding, finding my mum a dress to wear seemed to be of equal importance and we seemed to spend more time looking for hers than my prom dress. Again I just felt really hurt, eventually I ordered a dress online to see, I hated it from the off, I was so unflattering on me it hung just below a fold of belly fat and was so low-cut pretty much my whole cleavage was one show, I’m sure my Mum must have seen it too but she insisted it looked good and I was just happy to see it was over.

The day of Prom I managed to get the day off to get ready, my ‘mum’ helped with my hair to this day I don’t know my but she insisted that I twist my hair and pin it so that the curls stayed while I was getting ready, on curly hair this equals one thing massive uncontrollable frizz, I had to flat Iron my hair to attempt to fix it – even then it did not look good.

Things got worse. I was planning on going to my friend’s house and going to prom together. My Mum was going to drive me there suddenly after all that hassle – which had made me late my Mum decided she couldn’t drive me. I had to get a taxi there, normally this wouldn’t bother me to  much but I only had £20 to get me through prom night and any drinks after and taxi home – which wasn’t really enough to begin with. I cried all the way there in the taxi and I forgot my make up to fix it with I got to my friend’s house late, making everyone was late to prom – not a big deal. But then I entered the room, I hadn’t really had a chance to look at all my friends dresses in all the drama but when I entered the room and looked around at all the beautiful silks, jewels, hair and makeup everyone looked stunning. Suddenly the dress felt cheap between my fingers, I looked awful I felt a lump in my throat I wanted to cry the whole night, not only because of how I looked, but I saw everyone’s parents at my friend’s house, dropping of their children (you can’t get a bus in a prom dress) taking pictures of all of us, so happy for their kids, and my Mum didn’t seem to care at all not till the minute she could see what she had done on my head and even then left me stranded without a lift. I walked up on the stage to get my award with my head down, I bought one drink all night – when all I wanted to do was get drunk and screw it all. The whole night was horrific.

Sorry, I couldn’t bring my self to proof read ALL that, but if you can be arsed to read it hopefully it will explain a little why yesterdays list was the way it was, my prom became a horrific memory – don’t let yours!!


The Prom Run Down

So, its been a while since a I left school, but I wanted to do a little prom series. I love prom, and although personally my prom experience was pretty terrible it did make me realize one thing, if you want to enjoy your prom you’ve got to put a little bit of planning in. The day of my prom, me and my friends had no way to get there – or money to go out afterwards, 2 had hair disasters after going the hairdressers, one was running around frantically trying to find a dress, and me, well already 5 minutes late I was crying because my hair was a mass of frizz after I let my mother help, whilst wearing I dress I hated. Obviously if you’re the type of girl who can slap on any old dress and feel a million dollars and enjoy yourself no matter what your hair is doing then this probably doesn’t apply to you, but in that case I very much doubt your reading this post. 

This is hopefully going to formulate a series with some inspiration, tips, dresses, and possibly mini tutorials however my exams don’t finish till may 30th so will see how it goes but I have THE best of intentions.

first of the checklist, what you need to consider. This is going to be comprehensive, so don’t feel like everything on this list is 100% essential.

1. The dress – although at my prom I saw some amazing jumpsuits that worked brilliantly, however I went to a very fashion forward girls school and it’s not the same for everyone.

2. The accessories, bags, shoes, hair bands, jewellery – what every you feel like be it simple or statement.

3. Underwear – particularly important if the dress is strapless, backless, crossover, etc. Don’t forget if the dress is very fitted you may need to look out for something seamless, or even ‘hold-me’ in.

4. The makeup –  if you want something to ‘match’ your dress or different to your usual look – try it out beforehand if you can so that way if your pushed for time or getting ready with friends you don’t have to thing about it too much. remember if you want to get yours done professionally get a trial beforehand, even if the are experts it doesn’t mean you’ll like what they do or you won’t react badly to the makeup.

6. The hair – if you’re doing it yourself have an idea before hand, and make sure your able to do it. If your going to have a hairdresser do it, again trial with them you want to know that you’re not going to be given a bird’s nest held down with 10 gallons of hairspray – this is more important if it’s not your usual hairdresser and they don’t know your hair.

7. Nails – are you going to paint them, get a manicure? false nails? you get my drift

8. Tanning – are you a self tanner? planning on getting a spray tan done before prom – make sure you go a couple of days in advance in case of disaster

9. How are you going to get there, and get ready? are you and your friends going to meet somewhere and get ready as a group?, meet up when your all done? go somewhere pre-prom? get a limo? get the bus? etc. make sure you discuss it beforehand and before your on exam leave while you can talk as one massive group.

10. waxing? if you going pro don’t forget to book.

11. Are you going to stay the night the same place as your prom? or book a room there so you can change into something less fancy and go out afterward? – make sure you book. (I so wish I had done this)

12. Who are you going to go prom dress shopping with – I decided to go with my Mum and regretted it as she wasn’t really that into it and the whole day was a nightmare, if you fussy remember to arrange a few visits.

13. If your prom is somewhere fancy try to save up – I had £20 for my prom night – which in the Hilton only buys you 2 drinks :/

14. Have fun with it!!!

Hope this was somewhat useful, and hope you enjoy what coming up.

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