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My 25 most played songs!

Well, completely deviod of inspiration, and lacking a camera to take photos I’ve decided to go through the 25 most played songs on my ipod, (well iphone) I was actually really surprised by this becuase most of the songs on this list would not make it into my list of faveourite songs but yet when I thought about it, they all kind of made sense there all the sort of songs that I can listen to whenever!

so here goes…

1. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman this actually is one of my favorites, it just alwasy reminds me of my Dad, and so it always makes me feel really safe, home and I always feel uplifted and at peace when I listen to it

2. The Riverboat Song – Ocean Colour Scene – well I’m not that bigger OCS fan but I do love this song this is pretty much a classic sort of song that I like good beat, strong lyrics. solid song

3. Acceptable in the 80’s – Calvin Harris – I wish I could explain this one but I can’t, I obviously like this song but I didn’t know I liked it this much!

4. Are you Gonna Be My Girl- JET – do they even have any other songs bar this? either way I do really like it

5. Teenage Kicks- the Undertones – am 14 again, there is writing all over my school bag and holes in the sleaves of my jumper to stick my thumbs through, and am sitting on the school yard floor, in a circle, in winter rolling around laughing with this belting down my left  ear – the other headphones is in my friends

6. Parklife – Blur – because when its 12 o’clock,  your walking to lectures hungover past all these people running around in suits with briefcases it never felt more apt

7. Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash – I was 10 years old when I heard Hurt on the tv, and was mesmerized with it ever since (strangely it doesn’t appear on this list) but this has definatly become my Favorite Johnny Cash song

8. Atlantic City – Hold Steady – once again not that bigger Hold steady or Bruce Sprinsteen but I love this cover, its of that war child album

9. Superstition – Estelle – another war child one, theres something about estelles voice and this song that just really works!!

10. Shine On – The house of Love – am not sure why really but I do like it

11. Hello Conscience – The Zutons – Being from Liverpool I have to like the Zutons and this is defiantly a firm Favorite of theirs

12. Marbledhead Johnson – The Bluetones – I just frigging love this song

13. The Importance of Being Idle – see number 6, also whenever I hear it all I can see is ryhs evans in the video

14. Alright – Supergrass – I’m about 4 years old in the car, I’m wearing doc martins and thinking am the coolest thing ever because I have my feet up on the dashbored and me and my mum are belting it out – we still do now when it comes on – songs with memories are the best

15. sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Ian Dury and the blockheads – because somethings are ledgends

16. Part of the Queue – Oasis -again I just love this song … not much else to say and since moving the London feels occasionally apt

17. Disco 2000 – Pulp – Epic song – end of although I will never understand why I fancy jarvis cocker as much as I do

18. All day and all of the night – the Kinks -again its a classic

19. Mucking Fingers – Oasis – so am going to level with you Oasis is propably my Favorite band and Don’t belive the turth is proably my faveourite album of theirs

20. Marry the Night – Lady Gaga – not my Favorite song of hers but she had to be on the list somewhere I suppose

21. There she goes – the las – as I said am from liverpool its obligatory

22. Buddy Holly – Weezer- and oldie but a godie

23. Give me novacaine – Greenday – am a 11 year old emo kid again….

24. Rusty Cage – Johnny Cash- I don’t know what it is about him he barely sings but theres so much passion there – particualry in this song

25. In the Morning – Razorlight – as much as I want to hate johnny borrell – I do like his music

and thats it, in the order they were on my phone – boring but factual if you haven’t hear any definalty recconmend them

also I have Pintrest now woop!