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My Top Twenty Films

I few years ago I started a mini mission, to see the every film on the 101 films to see before you die list, which I have pretty much completed besides the few I just can’t bring myself to watch past the first five minutes of Blue Velvet anybody. Since then though I’ve realised there’s about 20 films which I cycle through non – stop, so I though I’d give a little run down.

1. Fight Club – David Fincer, Brad Pitts abs, Helena Bonham Carter, Ed Norton and meat loaf gets boobs what more can you honestly want from a film.

2. Trainspotting – Englands slight less glossy though overall happier version of Requiem for a Dream, an early Danny Boyle directing what I reckon is his best film set in Scotland, Heroin addicts, a cat and Johny Lee Miller looking fine.

3 Recess Schools Out – genuinely though quality is quality and this is pure quality. If you haven’t seen it you really should

4. In the Name of the Father – A group of people wrongly accused of committing the Guilford bombings carried out by the IRA in the 70’s. Heart renching, made all the worse by the fact that its a true story. That an epic performances by Emma Thompson, Daniel Day Lewis, and Pete Posthwaite (spell?)

5. Passport to Pimlico – if you haven’t seen this you really should, its just after the war Pimlico a London borough finds out its part of Burgundy – No more rations, no more tax – chaos ensues – classic English comedy at its best. If i’m feeling down – 1 tub of cookie dough + this = Happy Lily

6. Cool Runnings- We Got Rhythm We Got Rhyme Get on Down it Bobsleigh Time – I love John Candy – again true storys always break my heart and this is so bloody qouteable!

7.The Usual Suspects – just watch it – best twist ending ever, it actually inspired the Scary movie twist – so you know its good

8. Pulp Fiction – I believe the world divided in to two groups people how prefer Pulp Fiction and those who prefer fight club, obviously fight club is better, and if you don’t like either I honestly don’t know if I want to know you …

9. The Boat that Rocks – One of the best soundtracks to a film ever and I love it when Britain does what it does best, and makes classic movies that are so perfectly understated that there just amazing

10. Requiem for a Dream – see Pulp fiction, replace pulp fiction with Requiem and then fight club with trainspotting, also I’m now scared of fridges…

to be continued..

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Oh you pretty thing!!

Way bag in August I ordered this satchel from the Cambridge satchel company, last week after arriving back home I finally got to hold it. Oh the excitement!! I absolutely adore it, I don’t think I have anything as brightly coloured in my whole wardrobe so it just makes it all the more fun!

So whilst it isn’t quite the Alexa, which I shall continue to lust after, It certainly is lovely. 



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My Uniform

On those rainy mornings with 9 am lectures and a hangover, I always reach for my uniform. I very rarely stray from black in my outfits, especially if I’m looking for something easy to wear. I much prefer to change the textures in my outfits to keep it interesting. The comfy grey jumper cosy enough to curl up in class with, the hat to hide my mess of hair, and shoes comfortable enough to trek halfway across London in (who can afford to pay for the tube!). Slap on some eyeliner, and my Parker;  I’m ready to go.

So there it is, so about the poor quality pictures


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Well considering this blog has no theme or point besides all this waffle that once lay inside my head Ithought it might be nice to begin with a little manifesto, if you will, of what to expect from this blog.

First off I doubt there is any soul in the world reading this, my mother gave up on me longer ago so that will bring my average reader down to 1 myself. But none the less we shall prevail!

Right! well, am awful at grammer and spelling, diablocical in fact so if your a grammer nazi this is proberly going to induce some sort of seizure so I apoligise in advance, and I am going to try an proof read but in all honsety I garuentee you something is going to slip through the net.

This is defiantly going to include some mention of clothes, am not a fashionista, by any stretch I wish! but I love clothes and I love getting dressed up so its almost defiantly going to feature.  And while were here, make – up, hair, skincare there’ll all going to be chucked out to. Because let’s face it am a girly girl deep down.

Although I’m always told whilst I like to surround myself with all things pink and girly my music and film taste (which will also be mentioned am sure) and the way I like to dress are a little different … I like rock, alterntive and indie 😀 … just so you know.

Finally, and this is just so there’s no confusion I am a poor student so that means no glamorous parties, no expensive clothes, no food, and sadly most of the time no alcohol since someone has just stolen my vodka.

So there you go, me in a nutshell. Enjoy